Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Tree

Last weekend we went Christmas tree hunting and it was Maubry's first year to get to go.
We went with our sweet friends Tim and Jenna.
The morning started with breakfast at our house. 
We loaded up our dogs. 
Stopped and got coffee. 
And Maub napped all the way up the mountain.
It was a fun little adventure.

I am in LOVE with this picture!

Tim and Jenna with our dog and theirs.

She had so much fun.

Our brave leaders ;)

This year has been a little different for Chaney and I. 
It is our first Christmas without either of our families. And though we are both a little sad it has been cool to see how God has filled the season with many new friends that are starting to feel like family. 
So even though we won't be with our parents or siblings or grandparents or cousins we still are filled with lots of joy and laughter and love. 

~All thanks to Jesus~

Friday, December 13, 2013

Wild week

The past week or two weeks (I can't really remember) Maubry and I were in Oregon. We got to celebrate thanksgiving with our families and Chaney quickly headed back home to Montana. But Maubry and I stayed because my mom went to Uganda for a week so I helped take care of the kids while she was gone. It was a wild week but such a fun and blessed time! I got to spend a lot of time with my sweet cousin Ashton (I begged her mom to send her up to me from So Cal) and it was so great to hang out with her. And of course spending time with my dad and all my siblings was super great! I love getting to be with them and see how they have grown and changed and just get to pour a little bit of the love I have for them into their daily lives. Each of the kids were so helpful and all had wonderful attitudes and took care of maub a lot for me so I could care for them (I thought it was a fair trade). We also spent lots of time at Shiloh Ranch Cowboy Church. A church VERY dear to my heart. I miss it all the time so we went to lots of church :) and there were 27 baptisms in one weekend!! Most of them people I love A WHOLE LOT. Only God would see it fit to allow me to be there. I spent time catching up with a few friends as well. So overall it was a very full and fun and wild week and I was so blessed by every minute of it! 
As chars put it... Maub is standing where her life began. 

This is my sweet friend Tay (I haven't seen her in way too long... So we got to hang out twice) and this is her cool boyfriend Stefan.

My first day with the littlest ones at home :) oh how they can make me laugh and want to pull my hair out! All in the same moment. But GOSH DO I LOVE THESE LITTLES! 

My dad baptizing my LONG time friend Tate!!! Such a sweet moment.

My hubby went a little crazy without me...

Princess moo loves big r and all the sparkles!

My daughter has a thing about tiny furniture... 

Snuggles every night with these cuties weren't always the most restful but the most precious!!

These pretty girls helped me a ton and made me laugh lots and hacked my Facebook way too many times.

First official prego pic at 14 weeks 

Chaney froze a few times....

Maubry bonded with her grumpa

All bundled up for a COLD day ... Headed to church.

She loves her aunties and uncles.

Lunch date (roo was with us but he took the photo)

Best buddies :) makes my heart swell every time I see these two together!

At the airport saying bye to nay nay

Slept for both flights.

The week wore baby maub out too but she was happy to snuggle with her auntie maddie when we got back to Montana :)

It was an incredible week. Thank you all who made it so great. I am loved and blessed and my heart Is full!!!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Green grass

This was our "yard" this spring. I've always wanted a good yard for my kids to play in because I had a great one growing up and made many memories playing in our yard. 

So Chaney did most of the work preparing the ground and planting seed and watering...although Maubry and I did water several times and I usually pulled the weeds...joe also helped water and Mac mowed a lot. It was a family effort and this is what we ended up with 

Yay! It's been the perfect first yard. We actually only started with half the size and it grew so well we planted more later in the year. Maub and I have been out in the yard this summer playing in her pool and laying in the shade. Our friend Joe gave us a hammock. Chaneys mom got the lawn furniture at a garage sale. And Mac put up the little pink swing for maubrys birthday. 

Our yard has definitely been a group effort but it has proven to be well worth the work. I love watching God grow up the grass. We work to plant and prepare but only HE can make it grow and thang will never cease to amaze me. We just sprinkled little frail looking seed on the hard dirt and God has given us a place to enjoy right outside our house with soft green grass. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Just some pics...

I love my baby and baby sis... Here are a few pics from our time together. 

I hope they are always best friends! 

This is how moo goes through the airport.

And one more little picture to show how much my baby has grown

(Few days old)

(One year)

So thankful for the awesome people The Lord has put in my life and care :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The big "ONE"

Yep. It's true, this weekend my little (not so little anymore) baby girl turned ONE! How can she already be one year old? They say "time flies when you are having fun" and whoever "they" is, wasn't kidding!

Only a year ago...

 We had a fun two days celebrating our sweet girls first birthday.

Both sets of grandparents came up from OR (minus my dad) and my little sister Moo, to celebrate the grand occasion.

This is typical Maubry....livin' on the edge and in her own world.

these two are SOOOO cute together and I hope they will always be BEST friends! What a gift to have a sister only one year and one week older than my treasure! God is GOOOOD!

Both of the girls LOVE babies! It is just too sweet.

Cuddles with grandpa are the best

Maddie and I stayed up late to make Maub cupcakes!! We love cupcakes!

Spoiled much?

Yes, she was a typical birthday girl and had her moments of "Why are you doing this to me??"

Lots of gifts from lots of people that LOVE to spoil our baby!

my little cowgirl is the cutest

Nay Nay with her princess grandbaby. 

SOOOOO SOOOO SOOO thankful my mommy was able to come.

Both the grandmas

We have the best family!

She couldn't believe I wasn't going to take the cupcake away.

This picture says it all...Maubry is loved by many and spoiled and everyone is right there cheering her on while she just sits and minds her own business. I am so thankful she is oh so loved.

She ended the day swinging in the swing Mac set up for her...she absolutely loves it. 

Thanks EVERYONE that came to our baby's big day or sent texts or FB messages. She is well loved and that brings such JOY to this mama's heart. And makes us feel loved too.