Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Tree

Last weekend we went Christmas tree hunting and it was Maubry's first year to get to go.
We went with our sweet friends Tim and Jenna.
The morning started with breakfast at our house. 
We loaded up our dogs. 
Stopped and got coffee. 
And Maub napped all the way up the mountain.
It was a fun little adventure.

I am in LOVE with this picture!

Tim and Jenna with our dog and theirs.

She had so much fun.

Our brave leaders ;)

This year has been a little different for Chaney and I. 
It is our first Christmas without either of our families. And though we are both a little sad it has been cool to see how God has filled the season with many new friends that are starting to feel like family. 
So even though we won't be with our parents or siblings or grandparents or cousins we still are filled with lots of joy and laughter and love. 

~All thanks to Jesus~


  1. That picture of Maubry is priceless. I really think you have a snow baby. She looks so happy and comfy in her little snowy world. It breaks my heart that we will miss you for Christmas...but, I am thankful you have such good friends there and I'm thankful for phones and texting!!! We will be using these blessings abundantly. Love you!

  2. I love this post, I LOVE it! Do you have any decorations for your tree? This is such a fun time watching that baby discover and get all excited about all the 'newness', super sweet time. Cherish it, I know you do.